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Operation Consent Form and Information
Operation Packages -
Ophthalmic Operation
Charges of Common Surgeries
Package of DHI Hair Service
HA patients enjoy 50% discount on PET/CT imaging
HydroDiscectomy for lowback pain
Public Talk - Typhoon and Rainstorm Warning Arrangement
Medical Imaging Services
The Centre is the first private emergency medical centre in Hong Kong, offering outpatient cum 24-hour emergency services.
Union DHI Hair Centre is Asia's first hair restoration clinic to provide DHI® service for solving hair loss problems.
Numerous experienced specialists build up a team that provide comprehensive range of medical services with great transparency in pricing, giving you peace of mind.
Our Medical Imaging Department aims at providing a reliable and superior medical imaging service and treatment by continuously enhancing imaging techniques.
Medical Imaging Services
Staffed by a specialist team of surgeons and nurses, patients are provided with specialist consultation and thorough one stop investigation services.
Our professional team of Union Plastic and Aesthetic Centre provides one-stop service including specialist diagnosis, treatment and nutrition consultation.
Union Reproductive Medicine Centre
Union Reproductive Medicine Centre offers a wide range of the latest treatments and investigations available, aiming to provide tailor-made support for sub-fertile couples.
Staffed by a dedicated team of experienced medical and nursing staff, Union Heart Centre offers a one-stop high quality comprehensive cardiac services.


Union Hospital is wholly owned by Dr Lee Shau-Kee, the Chairman of Henderson Group, and his family members.