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Reproductive Medicine Centre (Tsim Tsha Tsui), offers free guided tours. You can also meet our specialist nurses and embryologists…
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The goal of antiviral therapy in patients with chronic Hepatitis C is the sustained eradication of HCV RNA...
Staff in the healthcare industry are susceptible to musculoskeletal injuries due to frequent manual handling procedures...
Colorectal cancer is often overlooked or delayed in diagnosis in young patients...




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Media interview of Dr Anthony Lee, Union Hospital Chief Hospital Manager & Medical Director, Chairman of The Hong Kong Private Hospitals Association

Antenatal Class - Class of 2017 are now open for application

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Union Hospital is awarded full accrediation in ACHS Organization Wide Survey
ISO 9001:2008 Standard approved by British Standards Institution (BSI)

Safety Management System Award (Other Industries) Gold Award
Trusted Brand (Hospital Category) Gold Award
Enterprise Innovators Award

Service Award
in the category of "Heathcare" service

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School of Nursing

致李少隆醫生、姚少峰醫生及仁安醫院醫療團隊﹕ 非常感謝你們的專業醫療服務,衷心多謝李少隆醫生精湛的醫術,成功置入6個支架於我心臟。使我重新獲得健康,並有信心和力量恢復跑步嗜好...

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Maternity & Newborn Protection Plan
Up to HK$300,000 Medical Care
A small no. of beds available
Availability subjected to actual supply & room type of choice upon admission
Union Hospital is wholly owned by Dr Lee Shau-Kee, the Chairman of Henderson Group, and his family members.