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Day Case Endoscopy Plan 26083838
Salute to Our Medical Team, Praise Now
Union Hospital Antenatal Class, Apply Now
Mom & Newborn's Protection, Up to HK$300,000 coverage
School of Nursing, Union Hospital
A small no. of beds available
7 Extensive Achievements in ACHS Organization Wide Survey Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011 Best Business (Application) Gold Award Launches Mobile Clinical Solution ?â•´Platinum??Rating from HK-Beam Society Merit Award of Quality Building Award
Operation Consent Form and Information
Operation Packages -
Ophthalmic Operation
Charges of Common Surgeries
Package of DHI Hair Service
HA patients enjoy 50% discount on PET/CT imaging
HydroDiscectomy for lowback pain
Medical Imaging Services
The Centre is the first private emergency medical centre in Hong Kong, offering outpatient cum 24-hour emergency services.
Union DHI Hair Centre is Asia's first hair restoration clinic to provide DHI® service for solving hair loss problems.
Numerous experienced specialists build up a team that provide comprehensive range of medical services with great transparency in pricing, giving you peace of mind.
Our Medical Imaging Department aims at providing a reliable and superior medical imaging service and treatment by continuously enhancing imaging techniques.
Medical Imaging Services
Staffed by a specialist team of surgeons and nurses, patients are provided with specialist consultation and thorough one stop investigation services.
Our professional team of Union Plastic and Aesthetic Centre provides one-stop service including specialist diagnosis, treatment and nutrition consultation.
Union Reproductive Medicine Centre
Union Reproductive Medicine Centre offers a wide range of the latest treatments and investigations available, aiming to provide tailor-made support for sub-fertile couples.
Staffed by a dedicated team of experienced medical and nursing staff, Union Heart Centre offers a one-stop high quality comprehensive cardiac services.
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Medical Services
Union Polyclinic
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Union Reproductive Medicine Centre
Department of Paediatrics
Union Heart Centre
Union Minimally Invasive Centre
Union Emergency Medicine Centre
Union DHI Hair Centre
Union Gastrointestinal Diseases Centre
Union Integrated Liver Centre
Union Renal Dialysis Centre
Union Audiology Centre
Union Health Maintenance Centre
Department of Anaesthesia
Dentistry/ Oral & Facial Centre

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Union Hospital is wholly owned by Dr Lee Shau-Kee, the Chairman of Henderson Group, and his family members.
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