Union Hospital School of Nursing

Philosophy & Mission

The School of Nursing, Union Hospital strives to be a hub of health care professionals training institute in Hong Kong by delivering high quality education which emphasize practical application with humanistic and holistic approach.

The mission of the School is to provide nursing and health care education of the highest quality by integrating theoretical fundamentals and clinical excellence that prepares graduates to develop and apply professional knowledge, skills and values in the delivery of holistic nursing care.

The School wishes to provide a comprehensive education and facilitate a flexible and supportive intellectual learning environment that inspires graduates in achieving optimal healthcare service by demonstrating effective communication and cooperation within and across disciplines.

We foster and cultivate professional competence of qualified nurse practitioners and health workers with high-caliber attributes in delivering well-rounded and individualized patient care to demonstrate accountability and commitment to standards of professional practice in assuming multiple roles across diverse healthcare settings.

The Structure of the School

The School has a School Principal, a Vice Principal, Senior Lecturers and Lecturers to provide comprehensive classroom teaching, teaching in nursing laboratories and clinical supervision / coaching.  Additionally, teaching staff and clinical mentors from clinical departments will offer daily clinical supervision for students at various clinical settings, including the Union Hospital, external hospitals and nursing care organizations.

The Campus of the School

  • School Campus, Library and common area

  • Nursing Laboratories

    The School has several well-equipped nursing laboratories in hospital ward settings that are used for clinical skill demonstration and practice, as well as assessment of nursing skills. They offer opportunities for students to get hands-on experience in a simulated setting and are available for use by students anytime.