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Quit your smoking habit
Ketamine is detrimental not only to the brain but also to the urinary bladder
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Treadmill Stress Test

Treadmill Stress Test is a procedure for assessing one's heart health status by evaluation of abnormal change in electrocardiography during the stress test. It can reflect the overall physical capacity.

Booking & Enquiry :
2608 3138 / 2608 3170

Body Composition Analysis

To calculate body composition, such as body fat, soft lean mass and lean body mass. Data collected for Waist-to-Hip ratio, Basal Metabolic Ratio, Total Energy Expenditure and Age matched of Body will be analyzed as well.

Booking & Enquiry :
2608 3138 / 2608 3170

Bladder Scan

To determine if clients have suspected urinary retention by measuring post-void residual urine.

Booking & Enquiry :
2608 3138 / 2608 3170

Resting ECG

To measure the hearts' electrical activity and record it as wave forms. It provides basic structural and rhythmic information of the heart.

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2608 3138 / 2608 3170

H9 Healthcheck Plan

The Post-COVID Health Checkup package


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