Charter for Children in Hospital

The purpose of the Charter for Children in Hospital is to explain your Rights, as a patient of Union Hospital. Knowing and understanding your rights will make your relationship with health care providers a mutually beneficial one.

Your Rights as a Hospital Patient

  1. Children shall be admitted to hospital only if the care they require cannot be provided equally well at home or on a day basis.
  2. Children in hospital shall be able to have their parents with them at all times, provided this is in the child's best interests. Accommodation shall be offered to all parents whenever possible and they should be helped and encouraged to stay. In order to share in the care of their child, parents shall be fully informed about ward routines and their active participation shall be encouraged.
  3. Children shall enjoy the care of appropriately trained staff who are fully aware of the physical and emotional needs of each age group.
  4. Children shall be cared for with other children of the same age group.
  5. Children and/or their parents shall be provided with information appropriate to their age and understanding.
  6. Children and/or their parents shall be able to participate in all decisions involving their health care and shall be provided with the relevant information for making decisions.
  7. Children shall be treated with tact and understanding, and their privacy shall be respected. Children shall be protected from unnecessary medical treatment and shall be given aid in the prevention and relief of physical and emotional distress.
  8. Children shall be able to wear their own clothes whenever possible and have their own personal possessions.
  9. Children shall be in an environment that is furnished and equipped for their requirements. The setting for the care of children shall conform to recognized standards of safety and supervision.
  10. Children shall have the opportunity for play, recreation and education suited to their age and condition.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to:

  1. Union Hospital, 18 Fu Kin Street, Tai Wai, Shatin, Hong Kong (Attention: Chief Mediator), or
  2. E-mail to

Reference: Children's Charter in Hospital, Hong Kong Committee on Children's Rights, May, 1998