Computer Tomography Scan

The X-Ray tube and detectors of our helical C.T. scanner rotate continuously as the patient glides through the scanning field which considerably reduces examination time. Therefore, better tissue enhancement can be obtained for an intravenous contrast examination. Also, a set of data can be collected to reconstruct 3-D images, therefore improving the detection of small lesions as well as isolating contrast enhanced vessels and converting them into CT angiograms.

Clinical Uses of Computer Tomography Scan

  • CT Tumor Volume Measurement: can identify those tumors that cannot be easily detected by X-ray imaging
  • Cardiac CT
  • CT Angiograph
  • CT Virtual Endoscopy such as Virtual Colonoscopy

CT Scan Examination Price List

w.e.f. 1 Nov 2023

Brain $2,300 (Plain)
$4,200 (Plain & Contrast)
Thorax $4,000 (Plain)
$6,600 (Plain & Contrast)
Urogram $4,100 (Plain)
$7,100 (Plain & Contrast)
Abdomen $3,200 (Plain)
$6,100 (Plain & Contrast)
Abdomen & Pelvis $5,500 (Plain)
$9,200 (Plain & Contrast)

*The price is for reference only. Union Hospital reserves the right to amend the information without prior notification.