Positron Emission Tomography

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan is an imaging technique that allows physicians to examine many organs of the body and is helpful in diagnosing many diseases, such as cancer. A PET scan can detect abnormalities in cellular activity generally before there is any anatomical change. PET can also help physicians monitor the treatment of disease. It can be used as a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments.

However, PET scan is not a screening test, it is not necessary for patients without specific signs and symptoms of disease. Physicians would only recommend patients to undergo this test if cancer or other specific diseases are suspected. PET scan is useful at detecting Cancer (such as breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, lymphoma, melanoma and other skin cancers). PET scan can also help in determining the stage of the cancer, monitoring tumor response to therapy.

•Able to perform whole-body scans on patients
•A non-invasive medical imaging technology
•Useful in detecting early stage cancer
•Relatively short scan time
•Can produce clear images
•Can effectively pinpoint the source of cancer


A cyclotron is an electrically powered device used that accelerates charged particles to high speed to bombard target atoms until they reach the desired energy, producing a nuclear reaction that creates a radioisotope.

Cyclotron-produced radioisotopes are used mainly to make radiopharmaceuticals for use in PET scanning. Now there are only three hospitals in Hong Kong have cyclotron and the facility of Union Hospital is the first cyclotron unit in Hong Kong fulfilling the Good Practice guideline for preparation of radiopharmaceutical products set forth by the Pharmaceutical Services of the Department of Health.

PET/CT Scanning Examination Price List

(w.e.f. 1 Nov 2023)


List Price


Patient with HA-referral Letter


Whole Body Trunk (Plain)
Trunk (Plain)



Whole Body Trunk (with contrast)
Trunk (IV Contrast)



Whole Body Trunk with Brain (Plain)



Whole Body Trunk with Brain (with contrast)



* The price is for reference only. Union Hospital reserves the right to amend the information without prior notification.

* The discount price for patients with HA referral letter is applicable to out-patient services only.