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Respiratory / Sleep Disorders Clinic

The Hospital’s respiratory and Sleep Disorders Clinic offers a one stop service for general respiratory problems and sleep disorders including sleep apnoea.

Sleep Disorders Clinic

The clinic is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists (Respiratory Physician, Psychiatrist, ENT Surgeon and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon) who offer a comprehensive initial consultative and diagnostic service. Patients have the benefit of seeing one or several specialists at one visit. Standard Assessment includes: Sleep Quality Assessment by Sleep Log and Questionnaire; Neck Circumference and Body Mass Index Recording; Clinical Oral and Facial Assessment.

Based on the opinion of the various specialists, the patients may be recommended to undergo Sleep Study to obtain detailed and accurate data such as snoring, breathing movements, blood oxygen saturation, EEG and video monitoring, etc. for assessing their sleep quality. Sleep Study will be conducted in a comfortable and home-like environment. The designated room and the sound proof fittings provide an excellent environment which induces people to fall asleep easily.

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