Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) is the most frequently used procedure for the treatment of kidney stones with a success rate over 90%. In ESWL, shock waves that are generated outside of the body travel through the skin and body tissues unit they hit the dense stones. The stones break down into sand-like particles which are easily passed through the urinary tract in the urine. The treatment is almost painless, non-invasive and water-bath free.

No general anesthesia nor hospital stay are required and the patient is discharged 1-2 hours after the procedure. Patient could resume work after resting for a day or two.

Distinctiveness of the Union Lithotripsy Centre

  • Versatile Lithotripter with unsurpassed image quality.
  • Patients are treated in supine position which ensures comfort.
  • Customized and comfortable recovery room available for outpatient service after lithotripsy treatment.
  • Unparalleled free treatment offered to patients requiring second treatment of the same stone.

Lithotripsy Price List

w.e.f 1 April 2023

ESWL of single stone in the same side (1st Treatment) - $11,300

* Excluding: doctor's fee, room charges, medication fee, nursing fee, examination fee and sundries charges, etc.
* The price is for reference only. Union Hospital reserves the right to amend the information without prior notification.