Radiography is the technique of examining the body by directing X-ray through it so as to produce images on photographic plates or fluorescent screens

Clinical Uses of Radiography

  • Ultrasound Pregnancy Examination: to assess the growth and condition of baby inside the womb
  • For diagnosis of disorders such as broken bones, gastric ulcer, and renal stones
  • Used in dentistry for detecting dental caries, periodontal disease, periapical disease, the presence and position of unerupted teeth, and disease of the jaws
  • Can detect foreign objects such as glass or wooden pieces, and gases in different parts of the body
  • Mammography for screening and diagnosing breast cancer
  • Bone Densitometry for diagnosis of osteoporosis


Mammogram is the best method for screening breast cancer. It can detect small tumors and malignant micro-calcification. During the examination, the breast is compressed by two plates. The screening involves low dose of X-ray. The likelihood of getting radiation induced cancer is very small.

The versatile Mammography machine allows interventional procedures such as Mammotome and Fine Needle Aspiration to obtain specimens from suspicious masses as for tissue examination. Sutures are not required for either procedure, therefore there is no disfigurement of the breast. Local anesthesia may be required. Patients can resume normal diet, work and activities afterwards.

General X-ray Examination Price List

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Abdomen (2 views)




Cervical Spine (4 views)


L/S Spine


Bone Densitometry (Spine and Hip)


Mammogram Examination Price List

Mammogram - Bilateral


Mammogram + U/S Breasts


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