Speech Therapy

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Union Hospital Speech Therapy Clinic provides assessment, diagnosis, and therapy for individuals with speech, language, voice, speech fluency and swallowing difficulties.

Therapy Objectives

  1. To facilitate individuals' comprehension, expression, articulation, speech fluency, voice quality and social communication skills.
  2. To improve oral motor abilities.
  3. Provide effective and safe treatments for individuals with swallowing disorders.

Scope of Services

  • Developmental Language DelayChildren with language delay may include inaccurate answering questions, have difficulties in following commands, and fail to produce sentences.
  • Articulation Disorders / Phonological DisordersMost children can produce Cantonese speech sounds accurately when they reach 42-48 months old. Oral-motor dysfunction or abnormalities, weak in learning phonological rules and hearing impairment may lead to articulation disorders.
  • Fluency Disorders (stuttering)Individuals with stuttering are not able to speak fluently. They may experience word repetition, syllable prolongation or blockage of speech. Generally the flow of speech is interrupted with struggling.
  • Voice ProblemsSigns of voice problems include harshness, pitch break, inability of phonation, too high or too low pitch, vocal fatigue easily, short of breathe in speaking and unable to sing.
  • Hearing ImpairmentInborn or environmental factors may cause hearing impairment. Individuals with hearing impairment may not be able to receive other's speech, affecting their language, articulation and voice.
  • Neurological Communication disordersNeurological communication disorders are caused by brain disease or trauma, such as stroke, brain tumor, and Parkinson's disease. Individuals' ability in reading, writing, speaking and understanding verbal information may be affected. They may have difficulty in following commands, understanding questions, answering questions appropriately, searching for correct words and having poor speech clarity.
  • Dysphagia (swallowing disorder)Signs of dysphagia include coughing, choking, voice changes, breathing distress, drooling and individuals' complaint of swallowing difficulties. If dysphagia remains untreated, individuals may have malnutrition, excessive weight loss and aspiration pneumonia which may cause suffocation and finally may lead to death.

Contact us at: (852) 2375 3323