Saturday, 15 June 2024

Update on the April 2024 Cybersecurity Incident

Union Hospital has completed its investigation into the recent cybersecurity incident that occurred on our systems, and we wish to provide the public with an update.

Following a comprehensive review carried out by our independent cybersecurity consultants, we are pleased to announce that we have determined that there was no unauthorised access to the personal data on our systems. We take the security and privacy of our patients and employees extremely seriously. Following the incident, we have further fortified our systems with enhanced security protocols. These additional measures are designed to ensure the continued safety and integrity of our services, and provide robust defenses against future cyber threats.

Patients with concerns may contact us through the designated email address ( Thank you for your trust in Union Hospital.

Thursday, 18 April 2024

Announcement on

Cyber Security Incident of Union Hospital

Union Hospital confirmed that a cyber security incident was discovered in the morning of 15 April 2024, causing some operational disruptions. The case has been reported to the Department of Health, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data and the Hong Kong Police Force.

In response to the attack, the Hospital has activated emergency response system and stepped up cyber security measures to block further intrusion. A team of cyber security experts has been appointed to conduct thorough system inspection and recovery in order to ensure medical service continuity.

The Hospital reassures that all staff members have stayed vigilant on cyber security, with all patient records encrypted and password-protected at all times. Leakage of patient data is unfound as of now.

Investigation of the attack is in progress. Announcement would be made on the Hospital’s official website should there be any further updates. Patients with concerns may contact us through the designated email address (

The Union Hospital condemns any form of cyberattack.