Stress and Infertility

Recent study has shown that less than 30% Hong Kong people are satisfied with their sexual lives. The frequency of sexual activities averaged 82 times per year, ranked second to the last. A busy and stressful worklife not only affects the quality of sexual life, but also jeopardize marital relationship. Apart from infrequent coitus, late marriage because of busy work makes conception even more difficult and hence a higher infertility rate.

Apart from medical causes of infertility, overworked couple cannot find time nor pleasure from sex life. This adds more pressure, anxiety and guilty feeling to their already existing worries of being infertile, a vicious cycle thus formed is difficult to break.

Expert advice and help from fertility specialist and psychologists should be sought as soon as possible once fertility problem suspected. Many a time, some adjustment in work and lifestyle modification is all that is needed for conception to take place.

The content in this article is for reference only, it does not provide any professional diagnosis or treatment advice.