Request of Duplicate Medical Record

Type of Data Volume Charge
Fee (HK$)**
Duplicate Medical Records Per page $5 $150
Duplicate Medical Imaging (Film) Per film $110 $150
Duplicate Medical Imaging (CD) Per CD (First application) Nil Nil
  Per CD (Subsequence application) $200 $150
Medical Report
Insurance Company Per request $1200 $150
Others Per request TBC by doctor $150
Inpatient Insurance Claim Form
During hospitalization First 2 applications
Per request (Subsequence application)
TBC by doctor
After Discharged Per request $800 $150
Outpatient Insurance Claim Form
EMC Per request $200 48 hours after discharged $150
SOPD Per request TBC by doctor 48 hours after discharged $150
Other Enquiry Per request - $150 up

*The price is for reference only. Union Hospital reserves the right to amend the information without prior notification.

**The Administration fee is non-refundable.