Union Hospital is proud to be the forerunner to introduce the following innovative and unique medical services.

  1. Hotel-style Image:
    The harmonious decor, domed skylight, glass-walled lift, use of odour free cleansing agents, soothing ward environment and revolutionized uniforms make Union a place blended with innovation and comfort.

  2. Marketing Strategy:
    Union Hospital pioneers to set up a Marketing Department for image building and health promotion.

  3. Flat Rate Pricing Strategy:
    Union Hospital is the only private hospital to launch "Flat Rate Policy".

  4. Set-price Operation Packages:
    The Hospital pioneered to introduce a comprehensive range of Operation Packages to enhance price transparency and to provide greater flexibility in budgeting and payment. Charges are inclusive of all related medical treatments and complications.

  5. Great Transparency in Pricing:
    Details of cost are enlisted in the Hospital's pamphlets, website and displayed in prominent areas, as well as on the medical bill for easy reference.

  6. CUHK Collaboration:
    The collaboration with Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong embarked on a successful partnership in setting up various professorial clinics and offering training to doctor.

  7. Public and Private Hospital Collaboration:
    Union is actively exploring and facilitating collaboration between public and private sectors. A good example was the successful coronary bypass operations done in May 2003 which was also the first of its kind in the history of public-private interface.

  8. OR1TM-The Operating Room in the Future:
    Union Hospital is the first hospital in Hong Kong to acquire the most advanced operating system (KARL STORZ OR1TM), thus allowing complete control of the entire operation and live demonstration for teaching and training purposes.

  9. Quality Achievement-Commitment to a Service Culture:
    Union Hospital is proud to be the first in Hong Kong awarded ISO 9002 in 1999 with excellent record - only less than ten organizations in the world have achieved this with no improvement notes at that time.