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The Breast Centre provides a full and comprehensive range of services from screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up on breast diseases. The Centre is equipped with a sophisticated digital stereotactic mammography system, providing real time and fine images. The interventional Mammotome and Fine Needle Aspiration enable an accurate and sutureless diagnosis. The Centre is in a harmonious setting with dedicated waiting area, changing room and washroom that enhances client's privacy and comfort.

Women diagnosed to have breast cancer could be arranged to have operations without delay. Meticulous attention will be paid to breast conservation. Also, breast reconstruction is available for women after mastectomy to help them to restore the appearance of breasts, thus alleviating their anxiety and restoring their self-esteem and confidence.

Breasts Screening Package

Items U/S Breasts Package 2D Mammography &
U/S Breasts Package
3D Mammography &
U/S Breasts Package
Detailed Breast Examination
U/S Breasts
Doctor Consultation
Detailed Medical Report
Charges $2,180 $2,980 $3,980

Union Hospital reserves the rights of final decision as to the suitability of individual clients joining the screening package.

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