Application for Hospital Privileges

  1. Union Hospital only accepts doctor with specialist registration to apply for clinical privilege.
  2. Clinical Privileges:

    Application Form for Admission Right & Clinical Privileges
    Letter of Authorization for HKMA and MPS
    Autopay Authorization Form for Doctor Fee

  3. Supplementary Forms:

    Application Form for Privilege – Plastic & Aesthetic Procedures
    Application Form for Privilege – Renal Dialysis
    Application Form for Privilege – Reproductive Medicine Services
    Application Form for Privilege – Laser Procedures
    Application Form for Privilege – Lung Function Diagnostic Services
    Application Form for Privilege – Reporting Polysomnography(PSG), Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Titration and Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)
    Application Form for Privilege – Digital Subtraction Angiography / Interventional Radiology Procedures
    Application Form for Privilege – Procedures in Endoscopy (For Surgeon / G.I. / Family Physicians)
    Application Form for Privilege – Cardiology Procedures
    Application Form for Privilege – Intensive Care Unit / High Dependency Unit
    Application Form for Privilege – Surgical Procedures (OT)

  4. Submit documents to Union Hospital:

    "Application for VMS"
    Doctor Liaison Office
    Union Hospital
    18 Fu Kin Street, Tai Wai, NT.

  5. Notification for application result:

    Upon receipt of all the required documents, application will be vetted by hospital management. The process will take about 12 weeks. Result will be sent to applicant by email to notify.

    Please note that formal approval from the Medical Advisory Committee which is conducted at 6-month interval. If applicant want to admit patient before the formal approval been granted, applicant can request for a temporary doctor code (temporary hospital privileges) for the said purpose. With the temporary doctor code you can start to admit patient in Union Hospital. Once the formal approval been granted the temporary code will be converted to formal code.

  6. Reference Information for Applicants:

    Code of Practice of PHA

  7. Updating of Doctor's information:

    Doctors are required to send copies of their annual practicing certificate (APC) and Professional Indemnity insurance certificate, after annual renewal, to the Hospital to update the doctor's database. Doctors are also required to inform the Hospital in writing whenever there is any change in personal or other data.

    Change of Personal Data and Contact

  8. For more information, please contact Doctor Liaison Office:

    Telephone: 2608-3125
    Fax: 2603-0703
    Whatsapp: 9687-6717