Union Hospital’s COVID-19 Screening Policy Update for Admission, Out-patient Consultation and Visitors

In the light of the full resumption of various activities in the community, the HKSAR Government announced that COVID-19 is now being managed as an upper respiratory tract illness. With effect from 4th September 2023, the Union Hospital (UH) has updated the screening policy for admission, out-patient consultation and visitors as below:

I) Screening Policy for Patients

  1. Patients with COVID-like illness are required to receive COVID-19 rapid antigen tests (RAT) before admissions/unmask procedures.
  2. For those patients with RAT positive results, admission might be arranged subject to specific hospital/relevant facilities availability.
  3. Subject to specific hospital/relevant facilities availability, our Hospital reserves the right to impose any additional measures for cases or request a COVID-19 RAT/PCR test for any patient based on clinical risk assessments.

II) Screening Policy for Visitors

  1. Visitors who have symptoms such as fever, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) or diarrhea are not allowed for visits and are advised to seek medical consultations.

In addition to the above screening measures, patients who will receive aerosol-generating procedures, including nebulizing inhalation, BiPAP and CPAP are required to possess negative COVID-19 PCR test results within 7 days or negative COVID-19 RAT test results within 24 hours. Those patients can be arranged to stay in single room with negative pressure/IQ Air system.