Quit your smoking habit
Ketamine is detrimental not only to the brain but also to the urinary bladder
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Health Check

Men's Health Screening Programme

Well Woman Programme

Employee's Health Check

Pre-marital Check-up

Know Your Heart Programme

Health Screening Program for Professional Drivers

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♦ Union Audiology Centre

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Checkup Tests Plan1 Plan2 Plan3
Physical Examination(Weight, Height, Blood Pressure & BMI)
Doctor Consultation and detailed medical report
Laboratory Test
Complete Blood Count
Diabetic Screening(Fasting Glucose)
Lipid Profile(Cholesterol, Triglyceride, HDL & LDL)
Renal or Kidneys Functions(Urea, Creatinine, Na, K, Cl)
Urine Test(Sugar, Albumin and Blood etc)
Cardiac Assessment
Electrocardiogram(ECG) - -
Treadmill Exercise Test -
Medical Imaging
Chest X-Ray - -
CT Coronary Angiogram + Calcium Score - -
Extra Cardiac Screening - -
List Price HK$5,280 HK$5,530 HK$10,120
Package Price HK$3,550 HK$3,730 HK$7,420
Discount 32% 32% 26%

* The above plan details and charges will be effective from 01-07-2022.
* Reports usually available one week after check up.
* Check up packages not applicable to in-patients.