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As one of the foremost private hospitals in Hong Kong and with a keen eye for the emerging trends in medical practice, Union Hospital has recognized the need for a Department of Anaesthesia. The department first started functioning as an entity in December 2005 with three Anaesthesiologists. It has grown from strength to strength over the years and formally became one of the clinical departments in June 2008. The growth was driven by an increasing number of surgeries in varies sub-specialities and a demand for Anaesthesiologists in patient care both within and outside the operating theatre. This has been made possible due to the recognition of Union Hospital as a private hospital in Hong Kong that provides five-star service and five-star safety.

The Anaesthetic Department provides perioperative services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are one of the few private hospitals with the infrastructure to provide Acute Pain Services for our patients. This is a notoriously labour-intensive service that has been neglected in many private hospitals. We have established our own Continuing Medical Education (CME) Program, which is open to all Anaesthesiologists in Hong Kong. We also provide anaesthetic training to our nursing staff and operating theatre assistants whom assist Anaesthesiologists during surgery. In an emergency, we are also part of the hospital response team that will help in resuscitation and provision of intensive care services.



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