Emergency Cases


Autumn and winter is the peak season of the incidence of respiratory diseases, such as asthma. The syndrome of Asthma patients is wheeze, a sudden shortness of breath and breathing difficulty. If the patients are not treated in time, severe cases can be fatal or death.

Factors trigger the incidence of asthma:

  • Contact with allergens such as pollen, animal hair and dust, etc
  • Upper respiratory tract infections such as cold, bronchitis, etc
  • Air pollution
  • Climate change
  • Vigorous exercise

Symptoms of asthma:

  • Breathing with wheezing sound
  • Cough, particularly in the early morning and late at night
  • Shortness and difficulty in breathing. Severe case will narrow the respiratory tract and make patient choke.
  • Chest discomfort

First aid to patient:

  • Use Bronchodilator
  • Drugs can relieve asthma and chest compression
  • If asthma syndrome cannot be relieved after using medicine, seek medical advice as soon as possible
  • If the victim's breathing has stopped, begin mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing and external cardiac compression as soon as you safely can. Transport the patient to the hospital immediately


  • Bronchodilator is not an anti-inflammatory drug, should not have too much reliance on it.
  • Seek medical advice for long-term treatment
  • Avoid contact with allergens
  • Regular exercise to enhance cardiovascular fitness
  • Always keep good ventilation and clean