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Getting sick easily as weather changes

As temperature has been dropping recently, people should keep warm and be aware of any signals of illness, since some potential illnesses such as heart attacks and asthma are easily triggered by sudden weather changes. In winter, the number of patients with heart attacks and hypothermia usually goes up.

Fluctuating weather makes it easier for people to get sick. People should be aware of flu and other potential diseases. As the temperature suddenly drops, there is an internal pressure inside the body, triggering potential diseases inside the body to break out. Asthma, allergic rhinitis, heart attacks, gastric bleeding and gastric ulcer are the most common potential diseases that appear in suddenly cold weather. As the weather turns cold, the trachea is stimulated when breathing in cold air, asthma and allergic rhinitis are then triggered.

Cold weather would increase heart burden, and it would make the end of blood vessels contract, making blood circulation hard. The heart then has to bump blood and increase blood pressure. If this situation is treated carelessly, it would induce heart attacks. On the other hand, some organs inside the body would have some changes due to cold weather. Those with gastric bleeding and gastric ulcer would trigger acute bleeding and ulcer as the body is pressured. The severity of such conditions should not be ignored.

As the above potential illness can lead to deaths, people should keep warm in cold weather. Those with asthma, allergic rhinitis and high blood pressure should take medicine on a regular basis. If you take measures to keep warm, you do not have to worry about getting a cold!