Emergency Cases

Child - Foreign Body Ingestion

Swallowed foreign body in children can be ranged from small plastic toys, button batteries and even sharp object. Different kinds of foreign body can cause different type of injuries. Immediate medical care is needed for patient with suspected foreign body ingestion.

According to literature, there will be 15-35% chance of organ perforation for sharp foreign body ingestion. Medical care should be sought as soon as possible because foreign body may pass stomach after two hours. It would be difficulty to retrieve by upper endoscopy after two hours.

First aid to patient:

  • Avoid eating or drinking which might push the foreign body further down
  • Avoid drinking vinegar which might cause chemical burn to gastrointestinal tract


If the object swallowed causes choking, basic first aid is essential. If someone is choking and can make noise or speak, do not attempt the Heimlich maneuver. Give the person a chance to clear the object himself or herself. Heimlich maneuver should be initiate if complete airway obstruction is suspected.