Oncology deals with management of patients confirmed or suspected to have cancer, and carrying out diagnosis, investigations and treatment of their cancer by using non-surgical means with multi-modality and holistic approach, including the use of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biological therapy, palliative care and psychological care. The center is comprised of experienced oncology doctors for diagnosing and treating cancers, including brain tumors, colorectal cancer, tumors in head and neck, renal neoplasm, ovarian cancers or gynecological cancers, liver cancer, pancreatic cancers, etc.

Medical services include:

  • Medial consultation – provide oncology medical assessment and rick assessment
  • Tumor/ cancer diagnosis
  • Tumor / cancer laboratory test
  • Chemotherapy / radiotherapy for cancer treatment
  • In-patient care for cancer patients
    • Palliative care
    • Care for complications of chemotherapy

Emphysema Urology
Fractures Hepatitis B
Intussusception Endoscopy
Appendectomy Rheumatology
Joint dislocation Laparoscopic
Joint replacement Colonoscopy
Cruciate ligament Varicose vein
Endoscopic thoracic
Cooled radiofrequency
Benign prostate hypertrophy
Systemic lupus erythematosus