We offer a one-stop high quality comprehensive cardiac service. Our services can be reached via:

- Union Hospital Cardiac Clinic
- Union Hospital Polyclinics
- Union Health Maintenance Centre
- Union 24 hour Out-patient Department
- Private General Practitioners or Specialists
- Referral from Hospital Authority



Union Heart Centre has been in service since April 2007. With the Hospital's mission of State-of-the-Art Technology, Patient-Centric Care, Premium Facilities and International Accreditation, Union Heart Centre is committed to providing the highest quality cardiac services to our clients. The new cardiovascular and intervention laboratory, equipped with the most advanced integrated X ray and intravascular ultrasound imaging system and life-support medical system, is set up with an operating theatre standard to ensure that all procedures can be performed in a strictly aseptic environment.

Staffed by a dedicated team of experienced medical and nursing staff, Union Heart Centre offers a one-stop high quality comprehensive cardiac services, ranging from cardiac consultation, non-invasive diagnostic examinations, interventional procedures, open-heart surgery, 24 hour emergency cardiac care, intensive cardiac and coronary care to cardiac rehabilitation program.