Emergency Cases

Jellyfish Attack

In the summer, many people would like swimming at the beach. Though jellyfish attack is uncommon, it is possible. Jellyfish’s color and dynamic appearance is very attractive, however its tentacles contain toxins. Once you were accidentally hit, the wound will be red and swollen; severe cases will die.

There are different kinds of Jellyfish, named “Portuguese Man-of-War” and “Cube” jellyfish are extremely poisonous. They can be floated in shallow water to the region, make it hard to detect.

Symptoms of jellyfish attack:

The wound will be itchy and swollenl. Severe cases will feel nausea, muscle and joint pains, rapid heartbeat, breathing difficulties, shock or even death.

First aid to patient:

  • cleaning the wound with clean water
  • remove the jellyfish tentacles on the wound
  • Vinegar can be applied when cleaning the wound, half vinegar and half clean water.
  • Seek medical advice as soon as possible


  • wear protective clothing, such as diving suit, to reduce the opportunities of injury
  • when you are in doubt, remember not to treat the wound and seek medical advice as soon as possible