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Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement


Plan included items:

  • Stay in Standard Room for 5 days 4 nights
  • Length of stay as indicated (effective from date of admission or date of joining the operation plan)
  • Essential pre-operative investigation
  • Instrument, equipment and consumable for operation
  • Post-operative care
  • Physiotherapy x 4 (during hospitalization)
  • Designated Implant Charges

Plan excludes items:

*For reference only

  • Surgeon's fee and ward round fee ($56,000 - $60,000)*
  • Anaesthetist's fee ($17,000 - $20,000)*
  • Client with chronic illness and co-morbidity disease (e.g. Diabetes mellitus, heart disease, renal diseases)
  • Client with severe deformity or Revision surgery
  • Additional operation charges which are not related to operation plan and any complications
  • Irrelevant test and examination fee
  • Consultation fee before admission and after discharge
  • All meals and sundries charges
  • Treatment fee for chronic illness and its complications
  • Treatment fee for illness during hospitalization not related to operation
  • Companion Bed Fee
  • Discharge Medication
  • Physiotherapy after discharged

  • The Surgeon reserves the right of final decision as to the suitability of individual clients to enroll in the Operation Plan, based on his / her clinical judgment
  • The Client should join the Operation Plan beforehand. Application for the Operation Plan after the operative procedure will not be accepted after admission or commencement of operation
  • Client should settle the operation in full amount upon admission
  • HA Referral will enjoy 10% off discount, the designated implant and all doctor fees are not included