With the advance in technology, MIS surgery is becoming a gold standard for many surgeries.  The advantages are less operative trauma, less pain, minimal surgical scars, and faster recovery time for patients. Union Hospital is the first in Hong Kong to install ENDO EYE FLEX 3D Laparoscopic System in operating theatre.  The new system provides clearer 3D images with depth perception and a precise spatial view of anatomy that cannot be achieved with traditional 2D systems.  This enhances surgeons to operate with greater accuracy and efficiency and hence, shortening the operation time.
According to a clinical research study by Japan (Endourology Association) involving 220 cases, the result shows that 3D imaging is easier for surgeons to perform certain tasks, i.e. suturing, grasping, placing and positioning needles.  The conclusion of the study indicated that by applying 3D imaging in MIS surgeries, most of the tasks have become easier when comparing with 2D’s.

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Union Hospital Deputy Medical Director - Dr Ares Leung (Left) / Union Hospital Consultant Surgeon - Dr Terence Fung (Centre) / Union Hospital Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynecology- Dr Doris Ng (Right)
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Surgeons can finally view the surgery through the 3D monitor which gives a more authentic view of human vision.  3D provides depth perception in tissue layers and greater ease in identification of blood vessels and nerve.  For instance, during Gynaecology procedures, it will minimize the chance of injuring the ureters or other adjacent organs.  Dr Doris Ng, Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology of Union Hospital stated, “In gynaecology procedures, we need to dissect adhesions. 

3D imaging can really help in taking down adhesions by providing a better depth perception and spatial view for precise dissection.  It helps in easier identification of adhesions and bowels, which benefits procedures like Laparoscopic Pelvic Lymphadenectomy.  Besides, the 3D camera system produces more real to life images.  This enhances greater precision in suturing, which could help greatly in cases like Laparoscopic Myomectomy.”

ENDOEYE Flex combines the technology of traditional rigid laparoscope and flexible endoscopes, where surgeons can achieve multiple angles with critical and more comprehensive clinical view during surgery.  Dr Terence Fung, Consultant Surgeon of Union Hospital stated, “While performing Laparoscopic colectomy, the flexible tip can provide better surgical view from different directions, which helps in tissue dissection.  In a limited space inside the abdominal cavity during operation, many delicate tasks i.e. grasping, dissection, cutting and surfing could be done easier.”  With this new technology, observation from different angles can minimize blind spots in operative field to enhance accuracy during procedures.

Moreover, the new system is Focus Free, which better controls the light and depth of view.  This solves the focusing problem during procedures while surgeons are operating in different sites inside patients.  With conventional laparoscopes, they will fog easily by the heat of energy source during procedures and surgeons have to take out the scope from patient for cleaning in the mid of procedure.  This new ENDOEYE Flex has a new warming system at the tip of scope to minimize the temperature difference to achieve fogless surgery.  This will shorten the procedure time with fewer interruptions during operation.

Surgeons of different specialties in Union Hospital have already started to operate with the new 3D imaging system for a board range of MIS procedures over 30 cases, including General Surgery, Gynaecology, Urology, etc.  3D imaging system definitely benefits MIS surgical procedures.  3D x ENDOEYE Flex benefits the patients by helping surgeons to operate with greater accuracy and precision and improves efficiency during procedures.